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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy 1st birthday Isabel!

Wow, Isabel is close to 2 years old already and i just noticed that i did not blogged about her 1st birthday...
This blog post is one year late, but better late than never. at least i can look back this post in the future.
lets see how much can i remember...

The above was taken on her exact birthday. since it was a working day, we just had a small cake for her after i came back from work.
she got hooked on blowing candles on birthday cakes ever since. haha...

she do loved her cake!but we only allowed her to have small bits of it

And of course, her birthday present. a book from Fatpig's colleague. Winnie the Pooh was Isabel's obsession back then.

On the same weekend, we had a bigger birthday party for her. but unfortunately, that morning the whole nation was filled with the news of the disappearance of MH370...

We were kept busy the whole day preparing for the birthday party. Fatpig baked a cake with the shape of Pooh, some cupcakes (forgot to take photos of it though)

and also made some gift packs to other kid who came on that day.

Not to mention, she sourrced around for balloons and helium gas for this occasion.

as for me, what did i do? nothing much. hahaha. Just kept an eye on the tent staff and also the caterer. and also helped around whenever i was needed...

decorated a small birthday corner near the entrance

Invited families and friends and also neighbours for this occasion too!

Got a large bunch of kids to sign her a birthday song too! And by now, Isabel is now an expert in candle blowing. haha.

There will be more birthdays to come yo!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

a busy day at the office

Or so it seems... enjoying playing the keyboard at her mom's workstation

From what I observed, she is definitely not the type who can sit still. I think office desk bound job will not be her choice in the future. Haha.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

madras lane curry mee

I've never been to madras lane for its famed chee cheung fun, yong tau foo or curry mee. But one thing is for sure, the curry mee gets a C from me coz it is almost tasteless. I've tasted better ones.

Next time I shall try the other two dishes. Hope they don't dissappoint me.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Port Dickson 26.07.14 - 28.07.14

During the raya holidays, we went for a short trip with my in-laws to PD.

But the in-laws are going a day later. With a spare free day for us, we planned to make a pit stop to melaka on the way to PD since there won't be much things to do in PD anyway.

Driving to melaka during holidays us akin to suicide but lucky for us, the highway wasn't that jam on that day. We managed to reach in 2 hours though.

But melaka as usual was freaking hot and we're super hungry as we skipped breakfast. Planned to make a pit stop in seremban for breakfast but decided to give it a miss as it was jam in the seremban exit.

Being a long holiday, all the famous eateries were queuing will tourist. It was only after a while we managed to find a nyonya restaurant. And we only have an hour to eat as they are expecting a group of tourists too. No choice, eat lah! Isabel's was sweating from top down!

Got our ass up once we are full and we went for a walk. Got to know there's a new attraction in jonker street. Mamee house. More like a cafe though. Seems isabel liked mamee monster a lot, hugging it non stop. 

Next we went to the obligatory stadhuys. Melaka is not complete without going there huh?

Hello kitty thishaws seems to be the craze in melaka these days I guess. Most of it are adorned with hello kitty.

The weather is so hot that we left for PD after a cendol and a short walk. Isabel can't stand the heat anyway. Previously, wife and I would continue walking till we literally drop!

After another hour drive, we had finally arrive our destination, Regency Tanjung Tuan.

Isabel checking the around the apartment upon arriving.

For those who never been to this apartment, let me just tell you, don't bother staying there. There's no hot shower, the tv doesn't work. the air conditioning for our master bedroom doesn't work and when we called the receptionist on that matter, it took the technician almost 2 hour to arrive. and yet he failed to repair it. TWICE. We don't even bother to get him to adjust the TV. And the toilet are dirty too. It took the hotel more than 10 room service staff to clean an apartment but yet the apartment are not clean... We thought of changing the apartment but we decided not to due to certain reasons.

I have nothing to say if the apartment is rm300 per night. But no, it is rm600 per night, so I think we deserved more than that.

Enough ranting about the lousy stay. At least the dinner for our first night is something to be happy about.

Mother and daughter were busy checking on what to eat.

We decided to have Mexican food that night, something not associated with PD at all. The restaurant, El Cactus serves delicious Mexican cuisine at reasonable price. One thing though, remember to put on mosquito repellant as while you enjoy your quesadillas and tacos, the misquote will be having a feast on your legs!

We retire early after dinner as we were dead tired after the first day.

The next morning, we went to another popular breakfast place, PD Eating Point.

The place serves pork-free every day breakfast fare. You get the usual wan tan mee, English breakfast, noodles and nasi lemak all pork free. The food is normal to us but the staff are quite friendly. Price is a bit on the high side though.

With time to spare while waiting for in-laws to arrive, we decided to go to PD Waterfront for a stroll.

Isabel having fun walking around the car park while watching the sea in PD Waterfront...

I find this place quite nice. There's no beach for you to play water but there's quite a number of cafes and eateries for you to hang out. You can relax in Starbucks or McDonald's located in front of the sea. Nice...

Well, in-laws reached not long after that and it is time for lunch. We had no idea what to have for lunch but ended up settling for banana leaf rice. I don't remember the name of the place but it is packed! There's two banana leaf rice restaurant in a same row of shops but both are full house. I guess maybe Indian food are limited in PD.

After a short rest, it is Isabel's favourite time. After her vacation in Langkawi, she seems to like swimming very much. And there she was, swimming unassisted with only a float on her hands. Even the lifeguard was impressed! 

And oh before that we also had a walk along the beach. But she wasn't so fond of swimming in the beach. So we just settled with walking around.

If lunch time was considered packed with people, we totally were not prepared for dinner. After searching around the Internet, we decided to go to Weng Yin Seafood Restaurant as it is THE place to go for seafood. But woooah, the place was packed! We forgot it is a long holiday and the place must be packed.

No choice, we go to the seafood restaurant a few metres away. Same thing. It was packed too. Okay, now it is Plan B (actually there was none. Haha), that is to drive along the stretch of road until we find a seafood restaurant that was not so packed. A few hundred metres, there's one but still packed. Okay, so we drive again until we found one not so packed.

Or so we thought...

Yeah, we found a table the moment we walked in. But the place was so busy that the staff can't found the time to clean our table or take our order. Instead, we have to walk to the waiter to tell him our order. That is not the end of it though. The food took an hour to arrive. By the time it arrived, it was around 9.30pm. And Isabel had fell asleep by then. Food was so-so but we were not complaining as we were so hungry at that time.

The night ended with a late birthday celebrating with father-in-law before retiring for the day.

On the third day, I decided to have some me-time and take a small walk along the beach and relax along the way.

The beach in PD is not something to be shout about but it was good and peaceful enough on 7 something in the morning.

I decided to walk towards the end of the beach to see what is beyond there. Feeling a bit adventurous in the morning. Hehe.

And woah! So this is where the rich people in PD stay. With their own yacht and all that.

And so before we left for KL, we went for another walk in the beach.

And surprisingly she wanted to go to the sea with her Tata! But she is still unwilling to dip her body inside the sea water. Oh nevermind, she'll have her dose of swimming pool water not long after that.

After a quick dip in the swimming pool, we depart separately with our in-laws as we wanted to get something special from nearby PD. 

This is the thing we are looking for, Lucky King Bun in Lukut. Basically it is a curry chicken wrapped in a big bun. No photo of it opened coz our photography skills sucks. The price for it us quite reasonable (forgot the price though) and you can choose a few other flavours too. We choose curry and Dong Po combination. Taste good especually the curry flavour. The queue will be very long especially during long holidays. So the trick is to go to the back of the shop to buy it! We accidentally found about this trick as our gps led us the wrong way earlier. Talk about blessing in disguise!

And oh, we also went to get seremban siew pow on the way back but the place was full of people. Parking is hard to get too. I don't bother to take a photo of it. Note to self, do not bother to go there during long holidays unless you like long queues.

Overall it was an enjoyable trip for the whole family except for the choice of accommodation. When will be our next trip? Haha.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy wedding day to Kuan - 19.07.14

It's a big day for my ex-roomate and a fellow blogger. Wish him a happy married life for him in years to come!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Isabel's first haircut at salon

Well, it's not really her first time as she went for her hair shaving in salon when she was in her first month. But then again shaving is totally a different thing from cutting, right?

What a surprise. Isabel willingly let the hairdresser cut her hair today! The last time we tried to cut her hair ourselves, she was crying as if we were slaughtering chicken.

I guess she only wants her hair cut by a professional hairdresser. Hmm...

The end result of her. A total coconut shell hair style. All Asian kids will have this time at one point of their childhood. Hahaha. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy dumplings festival 2014

we sort of cheated as we made these one week earlier. Half a day of hard labour for making these delicious buggers! Thanks to the wife yo!

Happy dumpling festival to all!