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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy 1st birthday Isabel!

Wow, Isabel is close to 2 years old already and i just noticed that i did not blogged about her 1st birthday...
This blog post is one year late, but better late than never. at least i can look back this post in the future.
lets see how much can i remember...

The above was taken on her exact birthday. since it was a working day, we just had a small cake for her after i came back from work.
she got hooked on blowing candles on birthday cakes ever since. haha...

she do loved her cake!but we only allowed her to have small bits of it

And of course, her birthday present. a book from Fatpig's colleague. Winnie the Pooh was Isabel's obsession back then.

On the same weekend, we had a bigger birthday party for her. but unfortunately, that morning the whole nation was filled with the news of the disappearance of MH370...

We were kept busy the whole day preparing for the birthday party. Fatpig baked a cake with the shape of Pooh, some cupcakes (forgot to take photos of it though)

and also made some gift packs to other kid who came on that day.

Not to mention, she sourrced around for balloons and helium gas for this occasion.

as for me, what did i do? nothing much. hahaha. Just kept an eye on the tent staff and also the caterer. and also helped around whenever i was needed...

decorated a small birthday corner near the entrance

Invited families and friends and also neighbours for this occasion too!

Got a large bunch of kids to sign her a birthday song too! And by now, Isabel is now an expert in candle blowing. haha.

There will be more birthdays to come yo!