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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seng Kee ‘Loh Shu Fan’

this is one of my i-should-have-posted-this-3-weeks-ago-but-procrastination-got-the-better-of-me.

anyway, for my Petaling Street food hunt a few weeks ago, i was not alone. hooked up with a forum friend of mine, Gavin, to sample this :


Seng Kee’s claypot ‘loh shu fan’. literally translated as ‘rat’s tail noodle’. this restaurant is famous for this claypot noodle dish.

i got a chance to sample this a few years ago, and i’ve never tasted other claypot loh shu fan better than this


served on a claypot with lots of minced pork, with liver and topped with a raw egg, this dish is a heaven when everything is mixed together. my bad for ‘destroying’ the egg before the photo was taken.

the slight aroma of sesame oil is just nice. not overpowering the whole dish!

price is quite reasonable with 3 different pricing (RM6 for a small, RM12 for medium and RM18 for large portion).

apparently Seng Kee is also famous for other dish, one of it that i know is ‘sang har yee mee’ (fresh prawn egg noodles) but we did not order it as we were already full just on the loh shu fan alone. plus, i’m not a fan of egg noodles anyway…


unlike the usual restaurant where kitchens are hidden at the back of the restaurants, this is totally opposite of it! the kitchen is located right in front of the restaurant, in full view of passer-by. maybe the kitchen behind is too cramped and hot,  guess? can i say than open kitchen is started by Malaysians instead of the Westerners? haha!

Seng Kee is located along the end of Jalan Sultan. just a bit further from the Bah Kut Teh stall in my previous post. i think people will not miss it from it’s open air kitchen.

*a big credit to Gavin for providing the photos taken from his DSLR. this post is without my usual crappy handphone photos. haha!


  1. my dad took me here and he told me it's the best lou shi fun in town! but i find the place to be a bit unhygienic though..nevertheless the food is still good lol.

  2. it is the best that i have tasted by far!